Frequently asked questions

How many dogs do you tend to walk?

Group walks tend to include up to 6 dogs, which we group together with care. We know within a couple of walks, who gets on with who, and how to create a friendly and playful time. Think 'best friends for life,' and you will get the idea of how they greet each other every day! We charge a small premium for solo walks if that is what you would prefer, however we find that most dogs benefit from the social aspect of being with a small, familiar group.

Are there types of dogs you don’t accept?

We welcome dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. However, we are unable to accept any dog that is on the list of banned breeds, or that is deemed to be dangerous or anti-social in any way.

Are dogs kept on or off the lead?

When taking on a new doggy, we prefer to keep them on lead, whilst they get used to walking with the group. This can last for anything from a couple of days to a few weeks, but owners trust us to judge the right time to 'let loose' (or not!). We always discuss the on/off lead subject upfront, and ask permission from owners before we do it. In a short time, most of our dogs are exercised off their lead, but If at any time we feel a dog needs to be put back on a lead, we do so.

Where do you walk your dogs?

Brockwell Park is our park of choice – it provides a varied terrain and a good distance to provide lots of exercise and fun. However, we can also be found regularly in Ruskin Park, Peckham Rye and others.

Are you insured?

urDog Ltd. has full public liability insurance; a copy of this can be provided to the client on request.

How long is a typical walk?

'Walkies' generally last for at least an hour, and then there's pick up and drop off time to add too, which of course we don't charge extra for. We always aim to group dogs together 'geographically' to minimise travel time and maximise fun time.

How flexible are you on times and dates?

We are very flexible, working 7 days a week and Bank Holidays too. We tend to start the day around 9am and finish around 5pm.

Do you take puppies?

Absolutely. Many of our dogs come to us early on in their lives. It’s a great way to get them socialised with other dogs, (and people)! As with all doggies - we'd need to ensure they are fully vaccinated and able to come out and play!

How do I book with urDog?

We arrange a face to face meeting initially. If both parties are happy, we can draw up the most appropriate plan for you and you dog.

Do you provide updates of my dog’s activities?

As you can imagine we have the full range of owner 'types' - so we tend to tailor our updates to each of them. Text, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, email - you name it, we use it! urDog regularly photographs and videos the dogs to provide updates for owners, and those following us on social media.

What are your prices?

Mon-Fri we charge £15 for a walk, £20 for ½ day care and £25 for full day care. We charge a small premium for weekends and Bank Holidays, and we offer a discount if you are a regular client and / or have more than one pooch.

How and when would I need to pay?

urDog will issue a monthly invoice to each client by the 3rd day of the month following the services provided, and we ask that payment is made within 7 days by online bank transfer.